Nimbyism will no doubt be a criticism levied at our objection to this proposed wind farm development. That criticism is however easily answered. Best practice has established a 2 km rule and sensibly a lot of the guidelines rules and regulations surrounding wind farm development are there just because no one should have a wind farm in their own back yard that is not generating electicity for their own use.

Scotland has a superb range of natural resources which can be exploited to generate renewable energy including sites within areas that have been designated as suitable for the development of commercial windfarms. Lendalfoot is not within such an area and is not a site suitable for the development of a commercial windfarm.

Ecotricity have made a great play in the local press of the fact that the proposed wind farm at Straid Farm will not be visible in Girvan Colmonell or Ballantrae. That is not the genius of geography but an explicit admission that visibility and impact on settlements is important and an equally explicit encouragement to support something that is not in the backyard of those settlements.

That is potentially very devisive and demonstates ignorance of the integration and interdependence of all four communities which is a key to economic viability and future prosperity.