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Generations from the same families have lived at Lendalfoot and in the immediate locality or come there on holiday year in year out. The purpose of the photo gallery is to demonstrate why so many people think Lendalfoot is a special place that should be preserved for future generation to enjoy un spoilt by unnecessary change. It also gives the community an opportunity to create and share an archive of images including some historic photographs that might otherwise be lost.
All images posted here are assumed to be in the public domain. However if you hold the copy right to, or are the subject of, any image presented here and wish it removed e mail me at
Vision for the future courtesy of Ecotricty’s planning application

circa 1900 A77 Adam and Eve

circa 1900 Lendalfoot bridge

1920 Picnic beach Adam and Eve

1929 Lendalfoot Village

1930 View of the bay

circa 1930 Carleton Fisheries

circa 1930 Carleton Fisheries

circa 1930 view from Bennane

circa 1930 Carleton Crescent

1935 Carleton Crescent

1929 The Hut garden

1929 Family gathering at the Hut

Lendalfoot post office

1935 Kennedy's pass

1935 Carleton Crescent

circa 1938 Carleton Fisheries

1945 Family on the beach

 1947 Blackhut

1947 Up on the drying nets

circa 1946 Carleton Fisheries

1947 Family gathering

1947 On holiday Bona Vista

1947 Family gathering

1947 Family gathering at the Salmon hut

1947 Mahogany with suspect crew

1948 Cooling off

circa 1950 Lendalfoot Village & Varyag

circa 1950 Carleton Fisheries

1950 Family on the beach

1950 Fun on the beach

circa 1950 Mahogany

1957 Maureen and Mahogany

1953 Family gathering

1960 Italian Riviera ?

1962 Good catch

1962 Pose for the view

1962 Denys

1962 Plain sailing

1967 Proud fishermen

1972 Mahogany Bona Vista

1976 Topper sunset

1979 Launch of Drascombe

1979 Launch of Drascombe

1981 Caroline's 21st

1995 Kids at play

2006 Beach cleaning

2006 Beach cleaning

2006 Beach cleaning

2006 Summer surfers

Varyag Ceremony Lendalfoot

Varyag under steam

Varyag under steam

Varyag memorial

Dedication of the Varyag memorial

Varyag memorial at sun set

The blackhut

Round the Craig before breakfast

Views of Lendalfoot from Adam and Eve

The Blackhut and Carleton Castle

Fairwell to QE2

2007 Surfing

2007 Beach view

2008 Canoes raft up

2008 Canoes raft up

2009 Topper

2011 Summer

2011 Summer

2011 Canoeing into the sunset

2011 Canoeing into the sunset

2011 Canoeing into the sunset

The Blackhut wild and wet

Ariel view of Carleton Crescent


circa 1900 Road below Pinbain

1930 View from the Hut onto Pinbain hill

1978 Dawn dwarfed by the De Vaden

1978 De Vaden run a ground

Inukshuk Launch 2006

2011 View from Hut Hill NO WIND TURBINES

View from Hut Hill